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In 2018 I stumbled on a cord, right after that I noticed a rubber seal on display at the window of the local tool shop. I started to see similar objects lying on the streets, in the woods, on the construction sites, everywhere. You stumble upon something that makes you see things in a different way. Previously, I didn’t notice random bits of pipe lying around or fragments of rubber or lengths of cable, but I have started to see them now.

carved quartz and agate_Triin Kukk_photo
mv Photo28_28.jpg
Venus Was Here_black jade, agate_objects
Poetry of a building site_Triin Kukk

Stone is exceptionally durable and therefore can be considered the most tangible form of time. Taking the characteristics of a found object, I transferred these by engraving them into the stone. Consequently, these objects hold thousands of years worth of information right up to today. Transient and unnoticeable they bear messages and with their apparently random form, they are fragments from the fringes.

triin kukk_venus was here_jewellery_jade
Venus Was Here_must jaad_2018_Triin Kukk
Venus was here_agate_2018_Triin Kukk_Yua
mv Photo20_20.jpg
Venus was here_agate_2018_Triin Kukk_Y.j
poerty of a building site_Triin Kukk
peottry of a building site_Triin Kukk
basalt_Triin Kukk_2018.jpg
ehitusplatsisinine_Triin Kukk_poetry of
poetry of a building site_Triin Kukk
Venus was here_rock crystal_2018-19_Trii
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