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At the exhibition LOST AND FOUND at the Hop gallery, Triin Kukk contemplates the situation where something might be excluded from our focus and when emerging again in our perceptive field this something might bring out something new.

Neon markers on asphalt; concealing and embellishing textile cover on construction sites; disconnected pipes; threaded rod and concrete. Various objects and phenomena are surrounding us between these temporary landscapes – trivial things that have become almost invisible.

Current exhibition presents objects made of stones, referring to various things that the artist coincidentally started to notice only several years ago, things that in their random form may be left unnoticed. Through the process of engraving the material, the rocks have lost their rigidity and transformed into flexible objects irrelevant to their original material. These artworks can be considered to be fossils from the future, surrounding the viewer as some kind of shadow objects.

Untitled_graniit, granite, 2020.jpg
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